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1/35 Gundam Astray Red Frame Bust – Unboxing

I first saw this on a post by Samuel Chan on his Facebook page SamuelDecals. Made by Motor King from China. And when my wife asked me if there is anything I want for my birthday, I know exactly what to say.

The first thing I do when I get a third-party kit is check the runners against the instruction manual. I have to make sure that the parts are complete the moment I get the box to sort it out with the supplier as soon as possible. Unlike Bandai, these kits sometimes have missing or deformed parts. And need a bit more glue and putty to complete.
The box size compared to a typical RG kit box.
Parts are a lot bigger than anything I built before. So that’s a breather after snap fitting my RG Zephyrantes.
IMG_3315 IMG_3314 IMG_3313 IMG_3312 IMG_3311 IMG_3310 IMG_3309 IMG_3320 IMG_3319 IMG_3317 IMG_3318 IMG_3316
Unlike my Mechanicore MAS-15, this one has a printed manual.
Pre-cut water slide decals.
Comes with LEDs and aluminium rods for pistons.
Check out the snap fit photos here.
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