Brian is a Gundam fanatic, loves watching anime, photography enthusiast, enjoys reading graphic novels, a business applications and web developer, a husband and a father.

Since I started this site, I met other gunpla modellers that are willing to share their knowledge and experiences on building gunpla in New Zealand. Now we have them here as authors/contributors:

  • Dan is a husband, father, an Engineer, an avid anime/manga fan, and a petrolhead. Aside from Gunpla, he also build Zoids and Macross kits.
  • Reon (WebbyNZ) returned to scale modelling in 2010 after a break in the teen and 20’s. Time and a forgiving wife have resulted in man cave where all types of scale models are produced. Trips to Japan fired the interest in Gunpla, particularly painting and weathering, where skills are transferable between genres.

Gunpla community here in New Zealand is quite small, if you are from NZ and enjoys building gundam kits then we would love to have a chat with you, or if you have any comment or suggestions please let us know. And if you have facebook, join a small community of gunpla lovers through Kiwi Gunpla group.