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New kits to look out for: Barbatos and Freedom

There are two upcoming kits I’m really excited about, the Hi-Resolution Barbatos and Master Grade Freedom 2.0.

Hi-Res Barbatos will be out next month (March 2016). It’s quite pricey so it won’t be easy to get an approval from my lady boss. But with the price comes a really awesome and stunning version of Barbatos:
20151206150432c90 20151206150253129 20151206151308280
I’m not planning on doing any customization on this, I’ll have to wait and see how good it look before deciding if I need to change the colours.
The second kit that got my attention is the version 2.0 of MG Freedom. The previous version is my very first Master Grade kit, so this holds a special place in my heart. And at 4,500 yen, it’s far more affordable than Hi-Res Barbatos.
BANM160431 BANM160432 BANM160434
Now these two will be a great addition to my backlog. I’m still working on the 1/35 Red Frame bust and thinking of finishing either the RG Z’Gok or RG Zephyrantes.
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New Arrivals on July 2015

I usually do my kit shopping around mid way through the month as this somewhat give me and indication whether I have budget for new stuff (plus I get paid monthly so its halfway to payday!!). These just arrive last week.   😀



Firstly, the new MG Hyaku Shiki Ver 2.0




I’ve had this kit since release date but I had this place in my HLJ private warehouse.

MG Mobile Pod Ball Ver Ka



I’ve always wanted one of these for no apparent reason actually, but its only Y1600 and it was available

RG Wing Zero Extension Effect Stand




This is not really a kit but a custom base for the RG Wing Zero Custom.

But I like it since I like to recreate iconic pose in the Endless Waltz OVA series

MG Tallgeese III EW




I’ve always loved the design on the Tallgeese, but my favorite of all iterations is the EW version Tallgeese III which unfortunately only came as a P-Bandai release, being here  in NZ I don’t have access to these items without using those overpriced ebay shops, so when I had the chance to get this kit I didn’t hesistate one bit.

Aoshima Full Metal Panic! ARX-7 Arbalest




I’ve always been an anime fan. One of those anime that I’m particularly fond of is the Full Metal Panic!. Unfortunately their are no news whether they’ll make more episodes in the series. so the next best thing is to own the primary mech in the series.

I know this kit has been out for a while now but then again I only came back to making kits again not so long ago, I started to look for this kit but when I found out that this particular one is already discontinued, I was so gutted. So like the Tallgeese III when I saw this one available I didn’t hold back and now its here!



Currently this is my stack of kits to be done (can you name them all). These new ones are an awesome addition to my collection. I cant wait to build them all, now finding the time to build them all is a totally different issue but if there’s a will, there’s a way as the saying goes :).

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MG Hi-Nu ver KA (Dan)

This is my take on a Dark RX-93 Hu-Nu Gundam. Taking inspiration from GF13-001 Master Gundam from G-Gundam Series and RX-178 MK-II Titan.











2015-07-20-23.12.47 2015-07-20-23.08.40





A little Starwars reference, I dont have a red effect parts but my pink RX-78 effect part is close enough i think, 😛




2015-07-21-00.18.21 2015-07-21-00.19.36


Some photos has a bit of dust in them as I’ve been moving some furniture around in my workspace.

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MG Hi-Nu ver KA (Webby)

Its good to see the variety that can be acheived with the same kit, some paints and hard work.

My target was to use aftermarket detail parts and pay tribute to a familiar character from my childhood, who also carried a very large weapon.

So we Started with the Bandai Hi-v (Hi-Nu)  Gundam Ver. Ka and C hobby detail set.

And my ‘muse’ was the original (and best) Megatron from the original series.



So what we got was the original Hi Nu


Transformed into ‘Hi Nu Tron’



Full build post coming soon.


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MG Hi-Nu ver KA (Brian)

After almost four months, I’ve finally finished this kit. Usually I only work around 2hrs/week, sometimes longer depending on my wife’s mood. I’ve done a few touch up to add details to the kit, although they were mostly too minor to see. I also went conservative with the colours I used. I mainly used four colours for the armour: light, medium and dark gray, and gunmetal black. The gunmetal is not really obvious and looks like plain black, but with closer inspection in person you will see that it is slightly lighter. I added small accents of orange as well.

I didn’t paint the white parts, just applied decals then top coat.


I used magnesium and dur aluminium colours for the frame and the back of the shield.


I also used metallic decals together with the kit’s water slide decals.







I really like how the metallic mesh compliments the surrounding bright orange.






I applied aurora film on the fin funnels, not very visible on bright background though.




Then the stand is painted with three different shades of gold to be lighter on the one end.