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1st Post, Introduction

Hi All,

Im would jus like to introduce myself, Im Dan, I’ve been building kits since highschool, during his time, I’ve built a few kits, mostly HG kits some NGs and MG of Gundams and Macross. unfortunately i had to postpone building kits due to the demands of school, and graduating going to uni wasn’t too helpful aswell in he scheduling deparment. So as the years go by graduating uni, working, going here to NZ and starting a family, currently im in a place where i have just enough time to spare to build kits, and still be there for my family.

Well here come he fun part (for me atleast), at the moment,im up to my 2nd kit in, my 1st kit, was a RG Aile Strike. I’ve always liked the Gundam Seed to be honest for all its  drama, inconsistencies and flaws. So I thought th Strike was he perfect to start with.  (The photos arent the perfect, butwe cant all be photographers right and dont mind the messy desk.)

Here it is:image



I didnt fully paint this kit, only thing painted with this one are the eyes and rifle beam lense and then just some flat top coat.. I did some newbie mistakes mostly minor, panel lining mishaps and some parts ” accidental breakage” but overall im quite happy with how it turned out.



At the moment, building my first MG kit in 10 years, so i decided to make the the Grand Daddy of all Gundams. Initially I wanted to get the v3.0, but my sources was out of stock at the time and found this which was cheaper.



Here’s an quick update on where I’m currently at:




I just finished painting all of the parts last night, and will soon by putting some clear coat. I’ll post in another thread soon.

Well this is my introduction for now. I’ll keep on posting as soon as i managed to move forward with the kit.

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MG RX-78GP01-Fb Gundam Zephyranthes Full Burnern

Another one of my old kits, this one is special because it was given to me by my wife (my girlfriend then) as a birthday present. Out of the box, the white parts aren’t white at all instead they were light mint green. That forced me to paint the kit, I still followed the original colours then just added panel lines. Inside its body is a transformable fighter aircraft, which is a really nice gimmick. I don’t like its giant shoes so somehow I lost them.


It also has a pair of big thrusters which is originally part of the fighter aircraft.





The chest opens up revealing the cockpit of the plane.


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MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Ver. KA

The Crossbone Gundam, I always liked this kit because of its pirate look, the skulls on its head and chest are simply magnificent. I slightly changed the colour scheme to be black, white and gold. I also painted the interior frame with flat copper making it look like dark brown.

Here’s the original colour scheme:


And here’s my semi-painted kit (I didn’t painted the white parts).












Borrowing a rifle from MG GUndam GP01 Zephyrantes:



You can get it here: