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RG Gundam GP01 Zephyranthes Part 2

I noticed that it’s been around 3 years since I last posted about this kit. I’ve started building gunpla again a few weeks ago, and made some progress on this one.

I use a combination of alligator clips and blu-tack to hold the parts while painting. I also mark the styro to remind me what colours to use on each part. MG for medium gray, DG for dark gray, and Alclad magnesium for ALC MAGNSM.

White, silver gray, and cold gray are used on most parts. I also used two shades of blue.

Keeping parts organised is very important especially if you don’t know when will you have the time to build again.

I use fine tip brush to add small details on some parts.

Some gold parts for the inner frame: 

I have to cut out the back of the piston skirt to remove the rod shaft. I also sanded the inside of the piston skirt so that the rod shaft can still move after a few layers of paint. Then I painted the piston skirt with bright silver, and I will later coat it with transparent red.

I don’t know why, but I felt the need of painting the soles as well:

The inner frames for legs and arms: 

Upper body and backpack cover. I added a couple of IC pins as small thrusters. 

And it’s tiny head: 

I used a lot of masking tape for such a small kit, this two are parts from the feet. I’ll paint the unmasked parts with candy red. 

Hand-painting some details on the armour parts. I also added some metal stickers on the core fighter unit. 

Quick assembly of main parts after top coat and panel lining:


See part 1 here.

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Whats New – Webby NZ November Stash Aquisitions

I thought I would post up my latest Gunpla related acquisitions.

If you are interested in more info/pics or even an ‘unboxing’ review just post in the comments and I will do my best.

RG RX-78 Casvals Gundam 1/144

RG Freedom Gundam 1/144

MG Hi Nu Gundam Ver Ka 1/100

MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise 1/100

MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver 3.0 GTF 1/100


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RG Gundam GP01 Zephyranthes Part 1

Part 1 is just some pics of the runners just to show what you’re getting from this kit. For information about this gundam, you may visit this page. I haven’t seen the anime for this one yet, maybe I won’t be seeing it anymore but I must say this is one of my favorite kits. I built it’s Master Grade version before and I really liked it.

As usual, a stunning box art that comes as standard to every Real Grade kit.


Runner A:


Runner B (internal frame):


Runner C:


Runners D1 and D2:



Runners E1 and E2:



Runner F:


Runner G (abs plastic parts):


And finally, the decal stickers:


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RG MSM-07S Z’GOK (Char Aznable’s Mobile Suit) – Part 2

When snap fitting RG kits, I like building the inner frame first and closely look at its mechanics. This one is unique compared to all RG frames so far, the legs and arms are very flexible.


It can stand on one foot.


Uh-oh, no-pants Z’Gok:


Tiny propeller blades:


Showing off his cute propeller blades:


Shiny new shoes for Mr. Z’Gok:


And finally, a gallery of the completed kit. Although without decals yet as I’m still planning to paint this. I would highly recommend this kit to any RG fans, definitely a unique and fun build!