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Formania EX NU Gundam

I wasn’t aware about the release of the original Formania Nu Gundam around 6 years ago. It was too late when I learned about this figure and the selling price went double, and in some time, even went triple the original price. Now the new version, called Formania EX RX-93 Nu Gundam boasts more metal parts and better paint finishes. Same as before, it doesn’t require hard work to get it to your display cabinet, simply snap together a few parts and it’ll definitely stand out in your collection.

Packaging was excellent, all parts were secured in the styro box. Some parts wee wrapped with clear tape to avoid scratching with nearby parts during transit.

The shoulder armour comes only in 2 pieces:

Since the left shoulder is already attached to the body, you only have to snap fit the right shoulder.

The backpack can be spread open, although there is not much detail to show behind it. 

The body can be tilted backwards to a few degrees, but I can hear some parts creaking already when I did this, so you have to be careful when doing so.

The cockpit hatch can open up, and you can also slide the door upwards. I was afraid to do it because I’m worried that it’ll scratch the paint. But it was okay though, just be very careful, I imagine it’ll be difficult to do repairs on this figure.

There are two spot lights, with each requiring two LR44 batteries to light up. 

You also get this small piece of plastic, which is quite handy in removing the batteries out from the spot lights.

Here it is with all the attachments. It comes with two repair platforms, the bigger one attached to the same area as the spot lights, and a smaller one in front of the cockpit. Then you’ll also get two technicians, one of which seems to be holding a hotdog.

And finally, for size comparison, here it is with RG RX-78-2 and MG Crossbone. 


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