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Intro to Gunpla

New to gunpla? Here’s a few faqs when you’re just starting out.


Gundam Kits usually comes in 1:48, 1:60, 1:100 and 1:144. What does this mean, well if you have a kit that says 1:100 and multiply the kits dimensions by a factor 100 you’ll get the actual dimension of the Gundam. Basically the smaller the number the bigger it is.

A question may arise that is :

”My  1:100 Wing Zero or my 1:100 VF-1S is a lot is smaller than my 1:100 RX-78-2 even though they’re the same scale”

Well the quick answer to that is, if you look at the Tech Specification (according to GundamWikia) of Wing Zero‘s height is: 16.7 metres, VF-1S’ if 12.7m in Battroid Mode, while the RX-78-2 is 18.5 metres.


Gundam Kits (Non Grade, NG),

I started out with these kits (namely Heavy Arms and Deathscythe), these are your basic kits, they’ve got your basic articulation, no gimmicks, limited marking and decals. These kits are relatively cheap compared to the upper tiered siblings, they usually come in 1:144, 1:100, and on some occasion 1:60 scales.  I haven’t seen these kits lately but they’re very ideal if you’re just starting out and don’t have budget to spend on a HG kit.

An example of an NG kit is this.

image8 image9 image7-e1414823397255


High Grade Kits (HG, HGUC, HG Seed, HG 00, HG AGE, etc)

High Grade kits are a step up from the Non Graded kits, they offer more articulation, some gimmicks and more decals. As well as add-ons like extra hand parts, weapon/armor kits and water slide decals. HG kits usually comes in 1:144 scale and 1:100. These series has probably the most types of kit available and with enough time and effort put in these kits, they can surely compete with MG kits in terms of looks and wow factor.

image image1 image2 image3

Master Grade Kits (MG)

As it’s aptly named Master Grade, These kits are wonderfully engineered in terms of articulation and looks good even without painting. Most have an internal frame that allows great movements. Always comes in 1:100 scale. Some suits even get an upgraded version of their old MG kits, i.e. v1.5, v2.0.

A variant of an MG kit is sometimes made with the being redesigned and restyling of Gundam designer Hajime Katoki, which have a suffix in the name “Ver Ka”. These are generally for people whose already built several gundam kits and are looking for more challenges.

Here are some MG kits, im building, this coming weeks/ months:


Real Grade (RG)

These are the newest kit series Bandai has release and comes in a 1:144 scale. Similar to MG kits, these kits include a internal frame allowing great movements at a smaller scale. The detailing on these kits are also superior to its HG counterparts. Parts are moulded in colours, so painting is not required. These are perfect for those who who want to build Gundams but don’t want to put in so much effort into it,with just a some panel lines, decal and a decent top coat, these kits would look awesome.

Some of the RG kits here:

RX 78-2

Char’s Zaku II

Char’s Z’Gok

Super Deformed (SD)

These are like minified/chibi version of gundams, non-scale and their heads are bigger for their bodies. Similar to NG kits in terms of construction with limited articulation and markings.

image6 image7

Mega Size

Mega Size kits are basically your average HG kits but blown up to a way bigger size.

image9 image8


As we Dan and I haven’t built any of these kits before, we’ll just take an excerpt from GundamWiki:

Reborn-One Hundred (RE) is a line of Gunpla established in 2014. It is a revival of the 1/100 No Grade model kits featured throughout Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, SEED Destiny and 00. Unlike their Master Grade counterparts of the same scale, these kits do not feature inner frames.

With the RE/100, Bandai is trying to work a compromise wherein models that where either too big (the Nightingale), too costly (both the Nightingale and the Gerbera), or too obscure (Gundam Mark III), to be released in MG form, will at least be released in 1/100 scale with details and technology at least two steps ahead of the HG. It might not be the type that many fans wanted, but it at least allows the kit itself to be more affordable than it would have been had it been released in MG.

Thanks to Reon for pointing this out.

Perfect Grade (PG)

Perfect Grades are the epitome of Bandai’s engineering skills and design. All PG kits comes in at a massive 1:60 scale. These kits  are highly detailed, very good articulation and heaps of decals and doesn’t need painting but like the other kits need to be painted for the best outcome.

The downside for all of these goodness is that, PG kits tend to be several times the cost of MG kits, and really needs time and dedication to build. These kits are intended for people who are really comfortable in building kits.

My co-author is now building a PG kit, go to his post to follow his build,

as for me, this is my Christmas break (2014) project:


This is our introduction to Gunpla, if you’ve got something you’d like us add in this intro, please say them in the comment section and we would gladly add them for you.

Thanks and happy reading!!

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