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Loot Crate – Mystery Crate

So I recently subscribed to Loot Crate, a monthly subscription box of geeky/nerdy stuff. Luckily I got a chance to get a mystery box from different loot boxes of 2014. This is  basically inventory clearance items but still a good way of getting a summary of the previous year.


First in the box is HexBug Transformers, haven’t played or even seen a HexBug before but I saw on the interweb that it simply vibrates to move around. My daughter might enjoy playing with this as long as she doesn’t eat it.


10-Doh! So Analog figure, whatever it is, looks like it will sit in my display cabinet. I’ll update this post with its photo once I completed building it.


Update: I built the figure and it’s a Nintendo cartridge. It’s a mini figure, full size comes in 7″ tall. More info about these figures can be found here.


Pop Rocks candy, I’m trying to cut down on my sweets these day so might just ask my wife to try this.


Digital copy of Mega Man comic books. It’s Mega Man so no further explanation required.


Ultra Street Fighter IV full game download, I’m currently downloading this from Steam :o)


Captain America air freshener. I like things that I can actually use, this one is now hanging in my car.


Comic book note pad, might come in handy in office meetings.


I don’t play this game but it looks nice so again this will sit in the display shelf.


Deadrising 3 sledgesaw hammer pen, as if a saw is not deadly enough, they even added a hammer! I’m not a fan of anything horror but I can use this to do my grocery list.


Overall I’m happy with this box, especially with the game download. It’s just a week away before the crate for this month arrives. Next crate’s theme is Cyber.


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