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Loot Crate – Combat

Loot Crate’s November theme is Combat. My crate arrived a bit late this month and with the holiday season approaching, I almost forgot about this. Nevertheless the box is still brimming with items from Hunger Games, Fallout, Blizzard, etc.

So to begin with, here’s a mocking jay pin from Hunger Games. IMG_4052
I’m not so sure about this one, I just can’t picture my self wearing this. Maybe my daughter would like to wear it while wrecking havoc in my office (gunpla workbench). At least Ted willingly volunteered to wear it for this post.
IMG_4053 IMG_4054
Cute But Deadly fridge magnet stickers.
Street Fighter Comics. I’m not familiar with the story behind Street Fighter, all I know is they all fight each other from the game.
Cute But Deadly mini figures. It’s a blind box and 3 of the figures are rare, I could have got one of those 3 but instead I got a normal Diablo figure, like I always do.
IMG_4055 IMG_4058 IMG_4057 IMG_4056
Vault Boy Bobblehead.
IMG_4062 IMG_4064 IMG_4065
And finally, the pin and magazine that no one really cares about.
IMG_4051 IMG_4061
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