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Loot Crate – Summon

September’s theme for Loot Crate is Summon. My crate arrived earlier than I expected, but as always, have been so busy that I got no time to take pictures. I know that there will be items from Pokemon and Supernatural, Pokemon is okay but I never watched a single episode of Supernatural so I’m not too excited on this month’s theme.


First in the box is this 1967 Chevy Impala from TV series Supernatural. IMG_3804

Haven’t seen the show but this car looks impressive.

IMG_3799Items from Heartstone game. I have no intention in playing the game so here’s a card pack code if anyone is interested.



Heartstone collectible coin.IMG_3793

Heartstone stress ball.


I like this Homer Simpson golden buddha. And yes, he’s sitting on a doughnut… while holding a pretzel.homer buddhaPikachu laplander hat. Thanks to Lord Vader for lending me his mask to take this picture.

A card game that’s included at the back of the LootCrate magazine.IMG_3809

And the coolest part about this crate is that when you fold it over, you can play the Master Summoner app with it. IMG_3811


The game is very simple, you just tap on the monster in the centre of the screen to get gems. You will need these gems to unlock three different augmented reality scenes that you can play with the box.

IMG_3295 IMG_3296 IMG_3297

And the AR scenes. IMG_3289 IMG_3293

I forgot to take a snap shot of the third scene, but you can find out for your self by downloading the app (Master Summoner) and printing this side of the box.


And of course, the usual magazine which explains the contents of the box and a pin.

IMG_3810 IMG_3790

After an excellent crate last month, I was a bit disappointed at this one. The digital content was fun but I would prefer actual physical collectibles/goods. I hope they do better next month.

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