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MG Hi-nu ver KA (Brian – WIP)

Last Update: 02-07-2015

I’ve started snap fitting the kit and decided start painting as well. I’m doing the fin funnels and shield first. The funnels are quite tedious to build, lots of repetitive steps. I can’t wait to finish this so I can move on to the body. I’m also being lazy here, I paint some of the parts even before taking them out of their sprue trees.


I used dur aluminium and magnesium for the back of the shield.


These orange and magnesium painted parts will go between the fin funnels.


For the parts inside the fin funnels, first I primed them with gloss black (those black parts above), then with gold. Then I mask the center so that I could paint the rest of it with grey.



Now working on the backpack, I added some koto upgrade parts and primed the vents with silver. Later I will paint clear orange over the silver parts.


This will be the centre of a fin funnel. I didn’t bother removing the copper parts from the tree before painting because the sides will be hidden anyway.


I scribble on the manual as I snap-fit, with this I can have a better idea on how to paint each part.


Just finished painting the rest of the rifle parts. Now I just need to wait for at least 24hrs before snapping it back together. That is to make sure that the paint is dry and won’t rub off when parts are pressed together.


I started opening the vents in legs using the back of the blade of my hobby knife:



To add micro mesh for additional details.


Which should look like the shoulder armours that I’ve done earlier:


I like how the pistons look on gundam kits, too bad these will be hidden behind the knee armour.


The mesh looks awesome in the leg frames, it’s also easier to install compared to the mesh on the shoulder armours.


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