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MG Hi-nu ver KA (Group Build)

Our very first group-build, for this we’ll be building the Master Grade Hi-nu ver KA.

This kit mostly got good reviews online. And when I look closer at the runners, I noticed that almost all of the armour parts has under-gates. This should lessen the need to sand each part. Also the hands are similar to Perfect Grade kits.

For the group build, this will run from 13-03-15 until 17-07-15. No particular theme here aside from building the same kit. We will try our best to update our WIP pages between these dates.

Here’s what we’re planning to do:

Brian – Change the colour scheme to black/grey/white, adding metallic colour accents. Use a combination of the original water-slide decals and SamuelDecals’. Also add additional details to the armour.

Click here to see the WIP page.

Dan – Dark version of Hi-Nu, taking inspiration from Master Gundam and RX-178 MK-II Titan.

Click here to see the WIP page.

WebbyNZ – Add details with aftermarket detail set and give it a more ‘familiar’ colour scheme.

Click here to see the WIP page.

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