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RG Gundam GP01 Zephyranthes Part 2

I noticed that it’s been around 3 years since I last posted about this kit. I’ve started building gunpla again a few weeks ago, and made some progress on this one.

I use a combination of alligator clips and blu-tack to hold the parts while painting. I also mark the styro to remind me what colours to use on each part. MG for medium gray, DG for dark gray, and Alclad magnesium for ALC MAGNSM.

White, silver gray, and cold gray are used on most parts. I also used two shades of blue.

Keeping parts organised is very important especially if you don’t know when will you have the time to build again.

I use fine tip brush to add small details on some parts.

Some gold parts for the inner frame: 

I have to cut out the back of the piston skirt to remove the rod shaft. I also sanded the inside of the piston skirt so that the rod shaft can still move after a few layers of paint. Then I painted the piston skirt with bright silver, and I will later coat it with transparent red.

I don’t know why, but I felt the need of painting the soles as well:

The inner frames for legs and arms: 

Upper body and backpack cover. I added a couple of IC pins as small thrusters. 

And it’s tiny head: 

I used a lot of masking tape for such a small kit, this two are parts from the feet. I’ll paint the unmasked parts with candy red. 

Hand-painting some details on the armour parts. I also added some metal stickers on the core fighter unit. 

Quick assembly of main parts after top coat and panel lining:


See part 1 here.

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Formania EX NU Gundam

I wasn’t aware about the release of the original Formania Nu Gundam around 6 years ago. It was too late when I learned about this figure and the selling price went double, and in some time, even went triple the original price. Now the new version, called Formania EX RX-93 Nu Gundam boasts more metal parts and better paint finishes. Same as before, it doesn’t require hard work to get it to your display cabinet, simply snap together a few parts and it’ll definitely stand out in your collection.

Packaging was excellent, all parts were secured in the styro box. Some parts wee wrapped with clear tape to avoid scratching with nearby parts during transit.

The shoulder armour comes only in 2 pieces:

Since the left shoulder is already attached to the body, you only have to snap fit the right shoulder.

The backpack can be spread open, although there is not much detail to show behind it. 

The body can be tilted backwards to a few degrees, but I can hear some parts creaking already when I did this, so you have to be careful when doing so.

The cockpit hatch can open up, and you can also slide the door upwards. I was afraid to do it because I’m worried that it’ll scratch the paint. But it was okay though, just be very careful, I imagine it’ll be difficult to do repairs on this figure.

There are two spot lights, with each requiring two LR44 batteries to light up. 

You also get this small piece of plastic, which is quite handy in removing the batteries out from the spot lights.

Here it is with all the attachments. It comes with two repair platforms, the bigger one attached to the same area as the spot lights, and a smaller one in front of the cockpit. Then you’ll also get two technicians, one of which seems to be holding a hotdog.

And finally, for size comparison, here it is with RG RX-78-2 and MG Crossbone. 


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Paper Theater Mask Star Wars TIE Fighter Pilot

Getting bored with the same kit on my workbench for so many months now, so I’ve tried building this. It’s set of paper cards with highly detailed designs laser cut into it. Similar to gunpla building, you remove laser cut parts from the card.

Comes with a one-page manual:
It’s got three red cards.
Five black cards.
And one small white card.
These are the locking strips you’ll use on the sides to keep the cut-outs in place.
All cards are numbered and you have to line them up in front of one another so that the spaces between them will create layers and depth.
Some parts are small and quite delicate that you should use a knife or a cutter to cut it out from its card.
Following the instructions, you’ll have to glue some of the parts onto the bigger cards before layering them up.
Start by fixing one side.
Then fix the other side, after doing this, the rest of the sides will be a lot easier to slot into the locking strips.
Make sure to insert the side locking strips until it aligned with the cut-outs.
And voila! Here’s the completed kit:
It’s a bit smaller than I expected it to be, I thought it’ll be the same size as its box.
Here it is beside RG Rx-78.2.
For those who don’t know how big or small an RG kit is, here a photo beside a highlighter pen.
It took me about half an hour to finish the kit, but most of that time was spent looking for my glue (that’s how organised my workbench is).
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New kits to look out for: Barbatos and Freedom

There are two upcoming kits I’m really excited about, the Hi-Resolution Barbatos and Master Grade Freedom 2.0.

Hi-Res Barbatos will be out next month (March 2016). It’s quite pricey so it won’t be easy to get an approval from my lady boss. But with the price comes a really awesome and stunning version of Barbatos:
20151206150432c90 20151206150253129 20151206151308280
I’m not planning on doing any customization on this, I’ll have to wait and see how good it look before deciding if I need to change the colours.
The second kit that got my attention is the version 2.0 of MG Freedom. The previous version is my very first Master Grade kit, so this holds a special place in my heart. And at 4,500 yen, it’s far more affordable than Hi-Res Barbatos.
BANM160431 BANM160432 BANM160434
Now these two will be a great addition to my backlog. I’m still working on the 1/35 Red Frame bust and thinking of finishing either the RG Z’Gok or RG Zephyrantes.
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Loot Crate – Star Wars

Jumping into the Star Wars hype train, this month Loot Crate has released a Star Wars themed box, and it’s huge. Close to the size of the MG ver KA Sazabi’s box, it’s heavy and full of goodies. IMG_4067 IMG_4068

First is this AT-AT Walker beanie hat. One of two items fit for cold weather. We’ll it’s already summer now so I’ll have to stash this for later use. I don’t like the fluffy ball on top though, I wish they just made a simple beanie. Thanks to Ted for happily wearing it for this post.IMG_4082
2nd winter item is this gorgeous knit scarf emblazoned with Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance emblems.IMG_4080
Raglan tee with minimalistic BB-8 logo. I really like the subtle design and the colour combination,IMG_4088
So Loot Crate hired a toddler, gave him a silver marker and let him scribble over mugs. And the result is this Kylo Ren 10oz sculpted ceramic mug. The set comes in three designs, Kylo, Vader and BB-8. IMG_4077 IMG_4076 IMG_4075
Mr Potato Head – Darth Vader. Nothing much to say about this guy except that I might sell it later on TradeMe.IMG_4084 IMG_4085
Loot Crate Exclusive Comic Book – Vader Down, 1st issue.IMG_4089
Aha! Now something for my daughter, she loves reading books (or looking at pictures/drawings) and also something I’ll enjoy reading to her. Little Golden Books set, episodes 4 to 6 and episodes 1 to 3.IMG_4090IMG_4091
Rebel Alliance mini bag, or gadget pouch or whatever you want to call it. Looks very sharp and neat, I’d definitely find something to use it for.IMG_4071 IMG_4070 IMG_4074
And finally, Kylo Ren shuttle 3D metal model kit. If this is any good then I’ll display it in my office desk.IMG_4078 IMG_4079
I’m very pleased with the contents of this bag even though I didn’t got the bonus Funko Hikari Limited Edition figure. My favourite loots are the scarf, raglan tee and the book set. I’m hoping Loot Crate will do this again next year, or perhaps a Gundam-themed box.