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Loot Crate – Combat

Loot Crate’s November theme is Combat. My crate arrived a bit late this month and with the holiday season approaching, I almost forgot about this. Nevertheless the box is still brimming with items from Hunger Games, Fallout, Blizzard, etc.

So to begin with, here’s a mocking jay pin from Hunger Games. IMG_4052
I’m not so sure about this one, I just can’t picture my self wearing this. Maybe my daughter would like to wear it while wrecking havoc in my office (gunpla workbench). At least Ted willingly volunteered to wear it for this post.
IMG_4053 IMG_4054
Cute But Deadly fridge magnet stickers.
Street Fighter Comics. I’m not familiar with the story behind Street Fighter, all I know is they all fight each other from the game.
Cute But Deadly mini figures. It’s a blind box and 3 of the figures are rare, I could have got one of those 3 but instead I got a normal Diablo figure, like I always do.
IMG_4055 IMG_4058 IMG_4057 IMG_4056
Vault Boy Bobblehead.
IMG_4062 IMG_4064 IMG_4065
And finally, the pin and magazine that no one really cares about.
IMG_4051 IMG_4061
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Watching Gundam Series in YouTube

I started watching the new Gundam series “Iron-Blooded Orphans”, and it’s way better than I expected (I’ve only seen up to episode 4). The previous series, “Gundam Reconguista in G” got me bored in the first few episodes that I stopped watching it.

Iron-blooded Orphans is a bit dark where you have your main character killing almost every opponent he faced.The premise is that you have this group of young men, hired as a private army or escort by a political figure. But it’s not just the story that captured my imagination, it’s more on the design of the new gundam, Barbatos. I like how the internals are visible even with the armour on. Even the HG kits boast an internal frame. And I’m excited how will the MG for this kit will look like.


You can watch the series on YouTube on GundamInfo’s channel. New episode is uploaded every Sunday.


Aside from Iron-Blooded Orphans, they also recently uploaded Mobile Suit Gundam Origin 1: Blue-Eyed Casval. Blue-Eyed Casval is about Char’s origin and the beginning of the Zabi family’s rise to power.


And if you haven’t seen or read the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, I highly recommend reading the graphic novel series. If you are living within Auckland, then you’re in luck as they are available to borrow on Auckland Libraries. The artwork is very inspiring and the pace of the story is simply enjoyable to follow.
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Star Wars BB-8 Droid by Sphero

I first saw this as a prize on one of Loot Crate’s competitions. Knowing that I have no chance in winning that I started shopping around. You can get it from Mighty Ape or JB Hi-Fi for $279.00.

On the new Star Wars trailer, BB-8 was shown in a brief moment but enough to capture the imagination of most Star Wars fans. The design and movement of BB-8 is perfect for Sphero’s products, making their combination a perfect match.

The box art is equally wonderful as the quality of the packaging.




The droid is tightly held in this very dense foam.IMG_3908

The instructions are so simple as well. IMG_3909

It comes in 2 parts, the body and the head. IMG_3910



The head connects to the body through the use of magnets. It has rollers to keep the head in place while the body is rolling.IMG_3914

Also comes with a nicely detailed charging base, and a USB cable for charging. IMG_3915


Then you’ll have to download the BB-8 app to control your BB-8. Once you’ve downloaded the app, just place your phone close to BB-8 to connect.

Using the app, you can do things like driving BB-8, set it in patrol mode and send augmented reality messages. When viewing the message through your phone, it will look like BB-8 is projecting it.

One thing I don’t like about this version of BB-8 is that it doesn’t talk or make the droid sound we love from R2-D2. Instead, the app will make that sound for you. And also since this is my first Sphero, I still haven’t get accustomed on driving the thing, it’s very easy to lose your orientation because of its shape.

It moves very fast on solid surfaces such as tiles so it’s easier to drive it on carpets.

I thought my daughter will love this but it seems like she’s afraid of getting near it. But I don’t think that will last, once she knew that it’s not going to harm her, I might have to stash this away to keep it safe from her.


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1/35 Gundam Astray Red Frame Bust – Snap Fit

Being a non-Bandai gundam kit, there’s a lot of parts that requires trimming. Although having said that, I didn’t clean the parts thoroughly just to quickly finish the kit. Now I just need to plan the colours to use then I’ll disassemble the kit for painting. IMG_3923


The battery compartment that houses a CR1220 button cell.IMG_3936

The sides of the head has hatches that can reveal some internal details.IMG_3935

The cockpit is well hidden under the chest.IMG_3932




IMG_3924Size comparizon with RG RX-78-2.


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Loot Crate – Time

For this month, Loot Crate’s theme is Time. Time travel has always been my favorite movie genre, so I’m understandably excited with this crate. IMG_4006

First in the box is this soft t-shirt with Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure print.


Next is Dr. Who’s Spork Utensil. To be honest, Ive never seen an episode of Dr. Who before so I have no idea what is this suppose to be.


To celebrate the arrival of Doc Brown and Marty this month, we have two items from Back to the Future movie series. First is this very detailed Doc Brown Pop vinyl figure.




And finally, also from Back to the Future, a Hover Board 1:5 scale replica.


And as usual, we have the pin and the Loot Crate Magazine that explains the content of the box.



I also tried getting Loot Crate’s Level Up +1 Wearable. The teaser ads got me thinking that they might give send an Assassin’s Creed hoody, to my disappointment, I got this instead (I didn’t take a picture of the pullover because I can’t fit it in my light box):


Overall I’m happy with the contents of my crate, but regret getting the Level Up item. Next month’s theme is Combat. Hope they send a t-shirt next time.

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Loot Crate – Summon

September’s theme for Loot Crate is Summon. My crate arrived earlier than I expected, but as always, have been so busy that I got no time to take pictures. I know that there will be items from Pokemon and Supernatural, Pokemon is okay but I never watched a single episode of Supernatural so I’m not too excited on this month’s theme.


First in the box is this 1967 Chevy Impala from TV series Supernatural. IMG_3804

Haven’t seen the show but this car looks impressive.

IMG_3799Items from Heartstone game. I have no intention in playing the game so here’s a card pack code if anyone is interested.



Heartstone collectible coin.IMG_3793

Heartstone stress ball.


I like this Homer Simpson golden buddha. And yes, he’s sitting on a doughnut… while holding a pretzel.homer buddhaPikachu laplander hat. Thanks to Lord Vader for lending me his mask to take this picture.

A card game that’s included at the back of the LootCrate magazine.IMG_3809

And the coolest part about this crate is that when you fold it over, you can play the Master Summoner app with it. IMG_3811


The game is very simple, you just tap on the monster in the centre of the screen to get gems. You will need these gems to unlock three different augmented reality scenes that you can play with the box.

IMG_3295 IMG_3296 IMG_3297

And the AR scenes. IMG_3289 IMG_3293

I forgot to take a snap shot of the third scene, but you can find out for your self by downloading the app (Master Summoner) and printing this side of the box.


And of course, the usual magazine which explains the contents of the box and a pin.

IMG_3810 IMG_3790

After an excellent crate last month, I was a bit disappointed at this one. The digital content was fun but I would prefer actual physical collectibles/goods. I hope they do better next month.