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Robot Damashii Leo (Space Type Moss Green)

The Leo is somewhat the Zaku of Gundam Wing Series, the much simpler design and versatility made it the perfect foot soldier. Also the legs are similar to Tallgeese’s. Originally sold for 3,000 yen, I think I got it for 1,350 yen during a sale event on HLJ.

Quite disappointed that it only has one weapon, no shield or even a beam saber. It comes with three extra pair of hands. A display stand adaptor, and a peg to mount the beam rifle on its shoulder.
IMG_3719 IMG_3722 IMG_3741 IMG_3749 IMG_3732 IMG_3739 IMG_3744 IMG_3737
Despite not having enough accessories, the figure has got reliable joints and good amount of articulation. I like the proportions as well, looks very neat on what ever pose you do. And for the price I paid for it, I still think that it’s a great buy.
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Loot Crate – Villains II

August 2015 Loot Crate: Villains 2. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much about this theme. But after opening the box, I think so far this is the best crate they assembled. And I almost like every single item, fewer but way better than previous boxes.

First to go out of the box is this Los Pollos Hermanos apron from Breaking Bad TV series. And my favourite item in the box. I can definitely use this when frying chicken nuggets.
Next item is this Wooden Joker figure. A very nice display piece indeed.
Venom mug. Quite light and seems very fragile so I won’t be using this, but would be a good paint brush container.
And finally, Hydra pin from Captain America. Maybe I’ll pin this on my coat for everyone in the office to see. Hail Hydra!
And of course you still get the usual Loot Crate magazine and button.
As I said, my favourite crate so far. I hope they continue sending these kind of collection, not so many items but a lot more value and quality in it.
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New Arrivals on July 2015

I usually do my kit shopping around mid way through the month as this somewhat give me and indication whether I have budget for new stuff (plus I get paid monthly so its halfway to payday!!). These just arrive last week.   😀



Firstly, the new MG Hyaku Shiki Ver 2.0




I’ve had this kit since release date but I had this place in my HLJ private warehouse.

MG Mobile Pod Ball Ver Ka



I’ve always wanted one of these for no apparent reason actually, but its only Y1600 and it was available

RG Wing Zero Extension Effect Stand




This is not really a kit but a custom base for the RG Wing Zero Custom.

But I like it since I like to recreate iconic pose in the Endless Waltz OVA series

MG Tallgeese III EW




I’ve always loved the design on the Tallgeese, but my favorite of all iterations is the EW version Tallgeese III which unfortunately only came as a P-Bandai release, being here  in NZ I don’t have access to these items without using those overpriced ebay shops, so when I had the chance to get this kit I didn’t hesistate one bit.

Aoshima Full Metal Panic! ARX-7 Arbalest




I’ve always been an anime fan. One of those anime that I’m particularly fond of is the Full Metal Panic!. Unfortunately their are no news whether they’ll make more episodes in the series. so the next best thing is to own the primary mech in the series.

I know this kit has been out for a while now but then again I only came back to making kits again not so long ago, I started to look for this kit but when I found out that this particular one is already discontinued, I was so gutted. So like the Tallgeese III when I saw this one available I didn’t hold back and now its here!



Currently this is my stack of kits to be done (can you name them all). These new ones are an awesome addition to my collection. I cant wait to build them all, now finding the time to build them all is a totally different issue but if there’s a will, there’s a way as the saying goes :).

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1/35 Gundam Astray Red Frame Bust – Unboxing

I first saw this on a post by Samuel Chan on his Facebook page SamuelDecals. Made by Motor King from China. And when my wife asked me if there is anything I want for my birthday, I know exactly what to say.

The first thing I do when I get a third-party kit is check the runners against the instruction manual. I have to make sure that the parts are complete the moment I get the box to sort it out with the supplier as soon as possible. Unlike Bandai, these kits sometimes have missing or deformed parts. And need a bit more glue and putty to complete.
The box size compared to a typical RG kit box.
Parts are a lot bigger than anything I built before. So that’s a breather after snap fitting my RG Zephyrantes.
IMG_3315 IMG_3314 IMG_3313 IMG_3312 IMG_3311 IMG_3310 IMG_3309 IMG_3320 IMG_3319 IMG_3317 IMG_3318 IMG_3316
Unlike my Mechanicore MAS-15, this one has a printed manual.
Pre-cut water slide decals.
Comes with LEDs and aluminium rods for pistons.
Check out the snap fit photos here.
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Loot Crate – Heroes II

July’s Loot Crate theme is Heroes 2. They did the first Heroes theme last year and this is their first theme sequel. My crate this month arrived earlier than I expected, although I didn’t have the opportunity to take pictures right away. From their teasers it was mentioned that there will be a hard-cover book and a DC figure. And I’m more excited on the figure than the book.


First in the box is Legend of Zelda wristband which could be useful if I’m doing any exercise at all.


Next is this Batman emblem multi-tool. It’s got bottle opener, a Philip screw driver and a flat screw driver. Quality seems good and I like the texture of the paint. A bit heavy and big though for a key chain.


Wonder Woman mini poster.


Promotional Brawlhalla code to unlock some sort of character skin. Never heard of this game before, might check it out in Steam.


Regrettable Superheroes book. Started reading it and quite entertained with some weird superheroes they came up with.



Old school Batman figure. Will take better pictures once I got more time to do so.


A vanilla Spock hand air freshener. Not as cool as the Captain America shield I got last time but it will do.


And the usual pin and Loot Crate magazine.


For this month, I’m happy with the Batman figure and the book. Not so much about the wristband. So in general, I’m satisfied on this crate, hope next month they release a t-shirt as well together with a figure. Next theme is Villains 2.

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MG Hi-Nu ver KA (Dan)

This is my take on a Dark RX-93 Hu-Nu Gundam. Taking inspiration from GF13-001 Master Gundam from G-Gundam Series and RX-178 MK-II Titan.











2015-07-20-23.12.47 2015-07-20-23.08.40





A little Starwars reference, I dont have a red effect parts but my pink RX-78 effect part is close enough i think, 😛




2015-07-21-00.18.21 2015-07-21-00.19.36


Some photos has a bit of dust in them as I’ve been moving some furniture around in my workspace.