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Paper Theater Mask Star Wars TIE Fighter Pilot

Getting bored with the same kit on my workbench for so many months now, so I’ve tried building this. It’s set of paper cards with highly detailed designs laser cut into it. Similar to gunpla building, you remove laser cut parts from the card.

Comes with a one-page manual:
It’s got three red cards.
Five black cards.
And one small white card.
These are the locking strips you’ll use on the sides to keep the cut-outs in place.
All cards are numbered and you have to line them up in front of one another so that the spaces between them will create layers and depth.
Some parts are small and quite delicate that you should use a knife or a cutter to cut it out from its card.
Following the instructions, you’ll have to glue some of the parts onto the bigger cards before layering them up.
Start by fixing one side.
Then fix the other side, after doing this, the rest of the sides will be a lot easier to slot into the locking strips.
Make sure to insert the side locking strips until it aligned with the cut-outs.
And voila! Here’s the completed kit:
It’s a bit smaller than I expected it to be, I thought it’ll be the same size as its box.
Here it is beside RG Rx-78.2.
For those who don’t know how big or small an RG kit is, here a photo beside a highlighter pen.
It took me about half an hour to finish the kit, but most of that time was spent looking for my glue (that’s how organised my workbench is).
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