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PG RX-0 Unicorn 02 Banshee

Guys have a look at the link above, one of the online shops the I frequently visit. They’ve started taking reservations for the New PG coming this September 2015. It’s the somewhat expected RX-0 Unicorn 02 Banshee Norn. Unfortunately the the reservation is already closed, but eventually it will open again anytime soon before the actual release date.

There reservation opened the 2nd of July and already they have already reached they’re quota. It happened so fast considering its only the 6th of the month.


To be honest I’m not expecting too much on this new PG. It’s likely going to be the same frame and gimmicks from the PG Unicorn with a different color scheme.  Judging from the CG render the site has provided, I looks like its going to come with some different effect parts.

I just love the Unicorn as a mech. Actually I’m a bit biased towards the whole UC Series, as I love most of the mechs there, from the Jesta, Rozen Zulu, to the awesome Kshatriya and Sinanju and the massive Neo Zeong. Well back to the Banshee, its the more flamboyant of the two RX-0 brothers, that’s why it’s called the Lion more than the Unicorn. If Bandai is really planning on making the Norn and not just the Banshee and if this new one is anything close to the PG Unicorn, I would expect this to be an awesome kit as well.

Would I Buy one:

To be honest, I have my PG Strike Freedom and Unicorn in a box at home opened but not built, just because I don’t have much time to build them due to some reason either too busy with family or just too lazy. (Don’t build just because you have to, but build when you want to, It’s a hobby not a job is what I always say), which frustrates the heck out of me. But I will eventually get to them. I’m about 70% decided on getting it and 30% because my Mrs. would probably kill me if I get another one, but the thing is my Mrs actually likes the Banshee too. That’s why she wasn’t too upset when I got the PG Unicorn and let me off some serious sermons to a certain degree. But if I get it it would probably add to my stack of unfinished kits but it’s so tempting to get it.

Final Thoughts:

I would probably end up getting it either on release date or on a later date. but I keep in mind that even the PG Unicorn still remains unavailable 6 months from release date except on over priced Ebay shops which is probably due to the release of the new PG kit. For the Dads here in NZ or everywhere else that celebrate Father’s Day on September, so it would be an awesome present on the day (I’m actually thinking on playing this card. lol). Either you like the Banshee or not this would be an awesome addition to Bandai’s PG family.

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