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PG Wing Gundam Zero Custom – Part 2

The original blue parts of this kit is a bit dark for me so I decided to change them to Sky Blue. I also like how the RG kits have white and grey armour parts. So I’ll do the same here, for grey armour parts I’ll be using Royal Light Grey. I will also paint some of the red parts with German Grey. And finally for the inner frame, I’m thinking of doing a very dark Gunmetal.

Gathered all the blue parts, these will be primed then painted with Tamiya Acrylic Sky Blue.


I also changed the yellow parts although not noticeable. From strikingly dark yellow to lemon yellow.


Some of the red parts, I covered them with Tamiya Acrylic German Grey. You can still see the red plastic underneath but it doesn’t bother me as they will be hidden once attached to other parts.


I will paint these white parts with light grey. I used masking sol to cover those round parts as I will paint them with a different colour later (haven’t decided yet what colour to use). For the blue shoulder armors, I’m going to paint the inner side with gunmetal.


I pre-shaded the panel lines with gloss black before painting the light grey layer. I want the pre-shading effect to be very subtle to still have a clean build.


Painted over some details under the smaller shoulder armor. Here’s something I don’t enjoy doing next to sanding, applying masking tape.


I used gloss black to pre-shade the panel lines of the blue parts.


More detail painting, for the vents, I use airframe aluminum paint. Although not visible here, but these parts are now shiny :o)


And more masking tape!


Changed the clear green parts to blue. I won’t be displaying the kit with the lights on so no need for transparent parts.


Assembled arm attachment with the shiny blue part (used to be transparent green).


Pistons in the legs and feet:



The head is almost done


This will be my last WIP update for this kit, my next post about this will be the final photos. Hopefully I can get it done before Christmas. The body is almost done, just need to apply decals then top coat.


This kit is taking me way too long to finish, it’s because I’m also busy with these: table centerpieces for my daughter’s Minnie Mouse birthday party.


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