HGGO 1/144 Gundam Local Type

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The Gundam Local Type serves as the missing link between the Gundam Ground Type and GunDiver mobile suits from the original Gundam universe.  Bearing body characteristics of its future successor units, it still maintains the articulation and detail found in the HG Origin line.  Includes machine gun, shield, 2 beam sabers.  Runner x 10, stickers.

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Finally, after many wonderful Zeon mobile suit HG releases from “The Origin” series, Bandai brings us an Origin E.F.F. Gundam kit!

The RX-78-01 [N] Gundam Local Type features a more traditional look that fans of the RX-78 are sure to like!  This kit comes molded in multiple colors with marking stickers and foil stickers included to add extra markings and colors.

Weaponry includes a machine gun, beam saber and a shield.

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Weight 260 g
Dimensions 30 x 19 x 7 cm


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