HiRM 1/100 Gundam Barbatos


The High-Resolution Model series launches with the Gundam Barbatos! The internal frame is fully assembled; all you need to do is attach the armor plating. The joints in the frame are strengthened with metal to add durability; the “Nano-Laminate” armor pieces feature a pearlescent finish. The gold parts are mekki-plated and clear parts in a combination of clear and metallic finishes are provided.

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A new hybrid product that combines the premium high end stylized die-cast figure format with the signature construction of GunPla! Features pre-assembled mechanical skeleton with die-cast in the joints and functional areas such as pistons to provide both weight and stability when static or in dynamic poses! Outer armor and weapons are traditional GunPla parts that can attach to the mechanical skeleton and features a mixture of different finishes including metallic pearl, gloss, and matte to recreate the appearance of different mechanical textures.

Includes Smooth Bore Gun and Sword weapons along with 6 interchangeable hand parts. Runner x 13.

Additional information

Weight 810 g
Dimensions 40 x 31 x 9 cm


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