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RG MS-06S Zaku II Char Aznable Custom Model

Just finished adding decals and top coat on this kit. As much as possible I don’t like using the stickers that comes with every Bandai kit, mainly because they are thick. Unfortunately I don’t have specific water decal  for this one so I decided to give the stickers a try. So on this kit, I have a combination of water slide decals (from a set of Zeon markings) and stickers, to my surprise, the stickers are not that thick as I expected them to be. Maybe I’m just used to older kits, but at least on RG line, the stickers are almost as good as water decals. I said “almost” but still I would prefer water decals for another reason: easier to apply on uneven surface. I tried applying one of the stickers on the Zaku’s round shoulders but even if I cut a line through the sticker, it’s still not that soft to conform to the shape of the armor.

To apply the water decals, I used some sort of decal softener (which is a weak acid and smells like vinegar, check the Tools of the Trade page for the picture). The decals on his arms and spikes are all stickers, while the crest on his chest is water decal. (Click on the images to see actual size versions.)


I replaced its plastic thrusters with metallic parts, then painted the inside with red acrylic mixed with clear acrylic.













Here he is after the photo session, chillin with his pal. :o)


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