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RG MSM-07S Z’GOK (Char Aznable’s Mobile Suit) – Part 1

It has been a long time since my previous post, I’ve been busy that I always have to choose between sleeping or doing gunpla. Since I won’t be able to spend much time on gunpla these days, I’ve decided to just snap fit my kits and wait until later to paint them. Truthfully speaking, I’m not at all talented in painting my kits, I simply do it in an attempt to make them look better without the plastic feel. When I first built the RG RX-78-2, I was immediately fascinated with the sheer amount of details of that kit. Since then I’ve been collecting Real Grade kits. They are cheaper compared to Master Grade kits and takes less shelf space while still having astonishing details almost the same with what you’ll get on a Master Grade kit. This is the July 2014 release from Bandai, I’m expecting them to release another one this November (without counting the P-Bandai releases which very are expensive kits).


Runner A, mostly unfamiliar parts as I haven’t built a Z’Gok before.


Runner B, the inner frame.


Runner C, I like the tiny fan blades   :o)


Runners D1 and D2. (Arms)



Runners E1 and E2. (Legs/Feet)



It also comes with a small sheet of stickers.


And also from the box, I saw this interesting Visa card, I would love to have one of these especially the Zaku card.


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