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Sparmax AC-500 Air Compressor

After a year of service, my tiny cheap compressor finally gave up. It started when it becomes very hot after only a couple of minutes use. Then the air started pulsating even at 12 to 15psi.


So I searched for a possible replacement. I started looking at TradeMe, but mostly they sell the same compressor. Then I saw the same compressor but with external tank attached. I know from Dan that it is quite reliable because of the external tank, but then again I want to move away from this type and try a different brand. By the way there are different brands for this compressor but they all look so similar that it’s obvious that they are all the same build and they simply put different brand names on.

I wanted to try Iwata, but they ain’t cheap here in New Zealand. And then finally my search ended when I saw Sparmax. There isn’t a lot of reviews for the AC-500 model. I saw reviews for the other Sparmax compressors and they are mostly positive.


Unlike my old one, this has twin cylinder pumps that quickly fills  its 2.5-litre tank.


With the handle bar/frame, it feels so solid and is absolutely good-looking. You can see the high quality build on every angle. At first look, this gives you confidence with its performance.


It comes with two braided air hose and you can attach two air brushes to this unit.



According to its manual, using plumber’s tape on air outlets is highly recommended:


I have the pleasure of using this over the Easter Weekend. It’s very quiet that it’s safe to use in the middle of the night with the wife and a toddler sleeping in the next room. The airflow is continuous and like what it said on the paper, it doesn’t pulsate.



I was able to paint continuously and longer than my old compressor. With the tank, the unit doesn’t have to run all the time. And with the twin cylinder pumps, it makes sure that it will only run for a few seconds to fill up its tank.

If there is one thing I learned on this experience, is to not compromise on my tools. I got my old compressor on a cheaper price but the headache that goes with it doesn’t justify the amount I saved. So if you are planning on getting the generic one, you might want to wait a bit and save more for something like this.

Technical specs on this page:

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