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Star Wars BB-8 Droid by Sphero

I first saw this as a prize on one of Loot Crate’s competitions. Knowing that I have no chance in winning that I started shopping around. You can get it from Mighty Ape or JB Hi-Fi for $279.00.

On the new Star Wars trailer, BB-8 was shown in a brief moment but enough to capture the imagination of most Star Wars fans. The design and movement of BB-8 is perfect for Sphero’s products, making their combination a perfect match.

The box art is equally wonderful as the quality of the packaging.




The droid is tightly held in this very dense foam.IMG_3908

The instructions are so simple as well. IMG_3909

It comes in 2 parts, the body and the head. IMG_3910



The head connects to the body through the use of magnets. It has rollers to keep the head in place while the body is rolling.IMG_3914

Also comes with a nicely detailed charging base, and a USB cable for charging. IMG_3915


Then you’ll have to download the BB-8 app to control your BB-8. Once you’ve downloaded the app, just place your phone close to BB-8 to connect.

Using the app, you can do things like driving BB-8, set it in patrol mode and send augmented reality messages. When viewing the message through your phone, it will look like BB-8 is projecting it.

One thing I don’t like about this version of BB-8 is that it doesn’t talk or make the droid sound we love from R2-D2. Instead, the app will make that sound for you. And also since this is my first Sphero, I still haven’t get accustomed on driving the thing, it’s very easy to lose your orientation because of its shape.

It moves very fast on solid surfaces such as tiles so it’s easier to drive it on carpets.

I thought my daughter will love this but it seems like she’s afraid of getting near it. But I don’t think that will last, once she knew that it’s not going to harm her, I might have to stash this away to keep it safe from her.


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