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Watching Gundam Series in YouTube

I started watching the new Gundam series “Iron-Blooded Orphans”, and it’s way better than I expected (I’ve only seen up to episode 4). The previous series, “Gundam Reconguista in G” got me bored in the first few episodes that I stopped watching it.

Iron-blooded Orphans is a bit dark where you have your main character killing almost every opponent he faced.The premise is that you have this group of young men, hired as a private army or escort by a political figure. But it’s not just the story that captured my imagination, it’s more on the design of the new gundam, Barbatos. I like how the internals are visible even with the armour on. Even the HG kits boast an internal frame. And I’m excited how will the MG for this kit will look like.


You can watch the series on YouTube on GundamInfo’s channel. New episode is uploaded every Sunday.


Aside from Iron-Blooded Orphans, they also recently uploaded Mobile Suit Gundam Origin 1: Blue-Eyed Casval. Blue-Eyed Casval is about Char’s origin and the beginning of the Zabi family’s rise to power.


And if you haven’t seen or read the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, I highly recommend reading the graphic novel series. If you are living within Auckland, then you’re in luck as they are available to borrow on Auckland Libraries. The artwork is very inspiring and the pace of the story is simply enjoyable to follow.
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